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What makes our Handmade Jewelry so Special?

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We @Cherry Crafts India, try to bring to the surface the importance of copper and brass in our daily lives. As copper water bottle is important for health benefits same goes for jewelry as well.

Today, we wear gold Silver, and diamonds. But, think about it!! Do we wear it on regular basis?

NO!! Why??? Because we prefer storing it either for dowry(which is again a big issue yet today in the 21st century in many Asian Communities) or we keep it in lockers until death but could never use it for wearing.

Because we fear it getting stolen/ theft. The same wasn't the case in Ancient times though!!

In the Ancient Era, Copper and Brass were in regular and daily usage as far as Jewelry goes.

Today, not everyone can afford Gold and Silver. So I made this decision to make the jewelry for all those people who really cannot afford lakhs and crores worth of Gold and Silver jewelry.

Why give so much importance to things that are always considered on the top of the economic pyramid of Satisfaction levels for only Gold and Silver.

I have a pledge to make other pure metals have extensive health benefits, to make them available to all age groups of people.

We care for those who can never afford huge brand's jewelry. Here in Cherry Crafts India, our artisans take days to craft the jewelry based on the emotions and designs in the minds of the customers.

We also care for Customers who cannot wear gemstones due to astrological issues.

We have a panel of expert Astrologers(having Ph.D. in Astrology and with more than 30 years of experience) who, give structured chart analysis and recommend the gemstones at a minimal cost as compared to astrologers on various apps nowadays. This advice also includes Health tips from your Kundali (Astro Charts) free of cost.

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