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Water therapy with Rose Quartz

Looking for Peace and cleansing from negative Energies and Attract love in life?

Here's a way out!

Add a glass of water to cleaned Rose Quartz Chips in bowl.

Keep this water under moon light for 1 night.

In the morning before sunrise, filter this water with a clean cloth or a strainer.

Drink this water before sunrise.

This is one of the tips for brining positive love energies in your life.

Ensure that any negative thought about anyone like- breaking someone's relationship to get attracted to you, wont' work. this is pure moon energy and any evil thought and actions won't be fulfilled. God bless you all !

Disclaimer: this tip is purely based on various occult and spiritual practices done across the globe by healers and spiritual practioners.

hence, any implementation done by readers will be purely based on their own risk and actions. And ' I ' or ' Cherry Crafts India' is not responsible for any of your actions.

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