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1. Protective Amethyst

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Picture Source- wix Media mix.

Hello Everyone

After a long time I am posting again on blog.

Here's my say and experience. It may differ from yours though. This is a disclaimer that any content on this blog is purely based on my experience and knowledge I have gained over years of study and research.

If not implement, take it as a fun of reading a blog or just for knowledge.

So, today, a very important post I am gonna put forward is about my favourite and always companion 'AMETHYST'.

This stone personally helped my a lot for divinely connection, clearing negative emotions and believing in my intuitions.

Chakra that it works on - 6th chakra(third eye)

It's element is- Wind

Stone Family is- Quartz

Used for- spiritual protection. You must have seen preists in church wearing it mainly.

Chemical/ elemental combination of stone - Iron and Aluminium.

Color- light purple or deep purple

Origin- Africa, Europe, Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil, Russia, USA, etc.

Now the main point- ' How to use it?'.

Well, There are many uses to it,but mainly mainly for spiritual protection and purification during illness.

Say, if someone is ill, just keep a Amethyst stone in that room can clear negative energy and help the patient to recover early.

If there is an evil eye on family or some person, this will reduce the negative influences, addictions of bad habits. It helps.

For me mainly, I use it to keep my space with clearing negativity, in meditation and connecting with universe without any distraction. It serves it's main purpose so well.

Try it and feel the change in life with positive wibes from within.

2023 will be the year, every month, I will be posting experienced content of self and otehrs who I have been meeting and sharing thier experience and thghts observation about various stones.

So, you as well, try new experiments with your Stones, and post your story here. Let people get some knowledge and apply that in their life for improvement and let's make this world a better place to live in harmony and joy.


See you again in next stone page.


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