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Make Copper and Brass part of wearables now!!

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Scientist have proved it rightly long back that how much is copper and brass important for our body(example: copper water bottles on our office desks, and utensils of brass in home kitchen). then why not extend that benefits even for jewelry.

Using iron n lead based use n throw jewelry for daily use can be easily replaced by daily jewelry of copper and brass.

Now introducing my designs for your which are skin friendly and can be worn by any age any class of person.

Why only gold and Silver can be in our dream list of jewelry when we have beautiful designs for you and your loved ones made of copper and brass.

Connect with me on your customized jewelry your picks of stones and crystals and I will make the best yet simple daily wearable designs just for you, which will be unique for you and only you.

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