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2.Creative Agate Fire

Hello Everyone

As the name goes FIRE.

If not implement, take it as a fun of reading a blog or just for knowledge.

So, today, a very important post I am gonna put forward is about my favourite and always companion 'AMETHYST'.

This stone personally helped my a lot for divinely connection, clearing negative emotions and believing in my intuitions.

Chakra that it works on - 3rd Chakra(Solar Plexus)

It's element is- Fire

Used for- Stimulates Creative Energy, to increase passion and attraction.

Chemical/ elemental combination of stone - it's Silicon Dioxide.

Color- Varries from Red orange blue green yellowish golden fire like colors.

Origin- found best in Mexico. Arizona mountains and california.

Now the main point- ' How to use it?'.

  1. Main use- to increase the creative power.

  2. spiritual use- those who always think, Earth is not their home and go low on energy for boosting fire to work and be creative, well, this stone will help.

  3. general use- in everyday life to recover from low energy, breakups and get up and boost your energy and willpower and pleasure in life.

So, if you have any or one of above mentioned symptoms or issues you may try this stone for your personal benefit.


See you again in next stone page.


Please note- This is a disclaimer that any content on this blog is purely based on my experience and knowledge I have gained over years of study and research.

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